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Keeping my blog updated with a couple photos.
Besides being busy with final projects and exams at the university, 
I had my wisdom tooth surgically removed, and spending time with my love ^.^

I promise more looks and posts after my final exam next week!




  Crystal Castles | Wrath of God

Going to see Crystal Castles live tonight!

Lookbook.nu's SPOOKBOOK Costume Contest!

Simple video I did for my time based media class. We briefly reviewed performance art and how artist record it. In the end we had complete freedom to generate a video with the themes of "change" or "occupy"

Music by the lovely Mars Argo & Titanic Sinclair
Hey everyone. Sorry for the long hiatus on posts & looks but I came down with a tiny virus over the past week. I'm keeping warm in these recent days of strong winds and low temperatures with chamomile tea, scarfs, sweaters & boots. I hope everyone is fine and healthy in this upcoming flu season!


    Death Cab for Cutie | Monday Morning     

Beginning of a brand new week again!


Dress - Chosen Vintage | flats - Aldo | necklace -Topshop | sunglasses - American Apparel

In case you haven't read Good Omens and you're a book lover like myself I highly suggest you pick up a copy and get on with it. Truly, it's a book I kinda never want to finish but alas I'm almost done. To make a tiny little tribute to it I named it after this look and added it to my look as well! The polka dot, button down dress and black leather belt are both from Chosen Vintage, leather flats from Aldo, necklace from Topshop, and vintage eyewear from American Apparel. I may be young but I love old things.

Leaves are officially on the ground! I am so happy Fall is so near and just around the corner. I collaborated with a friend for this look so we spend the day walking down the streets admiring the fashion scene on Queen st and drinking tea. I know for a lot of you Fall lovers like myself the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice is a must but if you get a chance to stop in David's Tea for their Pumpkin Chai IT IS DIVINE!

I'm keeping warm with my new trench coat from Kind Exchange, tunic & elastic belt from Topshop, tights, and Taupe Litas from Jeffrey Campbell!

I thrifted the best trench coat today from Kind Exchange! I've been in and out both of their locations on Queen St and I always end up finding one that I absolutely love but doesn't fit. I was hoping to find one in the beige shade area but I noticed that they do tend to show spots from wear easier so I was pretty much sold when this lovely piece fit me like a glove. I believe a trench coat is a must in every girls and mens closet especially with Fall around the corner! Kind Exchange is having a 20% sale at the moment so don't hesitate to browse around and come out with a gem!

Toronto's weather is fighting Autumn so bad it's insane. Yesterday it was so hot I broke a sweat like the last time I was in Dubai and today is fresh once again. Oh well. You can never go wrong with one of your favorite dresses and a light jacket. My sister gifted me this tiered dress from American Eagle, the bleach crop jacket I coveted from Topshop, and my lovely, infamous boots are Dr. Martens. Did a double shoot because on the way back home I crossed paths with an epic chair that was left on the side of the road. Isn't grand?



   Deep Sea Diver | Confidence
The Lomography Gallery Store in Toronto hosted a launch party for the release of its new family member the Diana Baby 110 & I was real happy to be able to attend. Knowing that I'm a big fan of Lomography since 2005, I was speed walking my way between streets knowing that the store's promising atmosphere filled with fun film cameras awaited me just down Queen Street West. It was a rather small but intimate gathering where I actually got to meet wonderful people over a few bites of fresh fruit, brownies, and drinks. Here are some photos to illustrate the night of Lomo!

 My online shop is now officially re-opened. Yay!
Click the bunnies I drew

I swear I don't coordinate with cats around my neighborhood to come supervise my photo shoots!

Yay! First, fresh, brand new pair of Jeffrey Campbells. I ended up going with Taupe because the lovely people at B2 are the only ones that carry them in this color here in Toronto. I think they will fit my style quite properly just like the sales lady told me they go with my "soft cute look"

I decided to take these babies on a test walk with my dotted tights from Topshop, denim dress by Mavi and round sunglasses from H&M.


End of summer, fresh weather, abandoned kitchen chairs on front lawns, & cats. In this look I was lucky to be able to still wear my mint green summer dress from H&M along with my sandals from GAP. I like to style most of my dresses with belts so here I added my elastic belt from Topshop. The tote is from Nordstrom Chicago when I got my first bottle of Marc Jacob's perfume Daisy. It all fits too perfectly to name it after the infamous Ms. Daisy Buchanan from F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gastby.

I've been longing to own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes for accurately 3 years and I only own one pair of heels so it seems pretty fair that I stock one of these babies in my wardrobe. The question is: which one?! There's far too many styles that I love but I am looking for something comfortable to begin with. I have quite difficult feet so I prefer to buy shoes in person rather than online. I know, it is quite a drag because there are more options online but I don't want to pay & go through the hassle of shipping back a shoe that doesn't quite fit right. The two Lita's that I listed above are available here in Toronto at Little Burgundy which are extremely comfortable. The Roks Wedge is available on Urban Outfitters online store and I've seen a lot of positive feedback on them regarding comfort and true size fit. Few customers complain that they do run small and fit snug but you can always walk into a UO store to exchange and refund purchases made online. 

Which was your first pair of Jeffrey Campell shoes?




   Conor Oberst | Cape Canaveral