Tragically the punk rock family lost another talented member less than a week ago with the passing of Tony Sly. He was a member of the band No Use for a Name and a talented song writer. How I became a fan of his music? In 7th grade I sneaked in my older brother's bedroom to find new music to listen to and among the few records I diligently borrowed was one from No Use for a Name. I related a lot with the lyrics and songwriting of Tony Sly's at a very hard time in my life. Eventually I started to learn how to play the guitar and I picked most of his songs to master.

My older brother had seen him play live for year with No Use for a Name and then the time came when he took me to my first Warped Tour and we saw them perform together. I'm sure words can't explain what Tony did in the world of punk rock music because he made a huge impact on mine. We'll always love and miss you.