It's safe to say that if there is a particular season I really do enjoy dressing up for it's got to be Fall! I love layering, occasionally tie a scarf around and hear leaves crunch beneath my boots on the streets I walk around. I took some photos of some items that are currently in my closet except a couple of items like the boots and legwear. From top left to right I have the faux sheep skin biker jacket from Topshop which is my favorite to wear over a hooded sweatshirt. Loose knitwear like my pink one from Blanco are also a must every autumn. Whether it's a skirt or shorts, like my new pair of puppy tooth from Urban Outfitters, you can always still wear them with tights or socks  underneath to stay cozy outdoors. Dresses can still be fun as well as long as you have a coat on and legwear to go with them! My floral dress is from Forever 21 and the victorian vintage pattern one is by Promod. As for shoes, I recently got my first pair of Doc Martens in soft leather which gave me a pain the first day but it's all about breaking them in for winter! How are you transitioning into this next autumn season?