Welcome to my photo journal. I'm a full-time photographer based in Chicago + part-time dreamer. Full on audiophile in love with music, love for fashion and art.

Time flies. I can't believe the year is over again. Time to leave the bad things behind, keep the positive present, and meet new exciting places & people.

It's crazy to think that this time last year I was living in Canada not trying to figure out where I was going to study and live for the next fall semester. I had a lot of bumps along the way, especially after moving back to the states but I am glad I moved and everything changed for the best. While in Canada I got to continue my studies at OCAD U, met some amazing people at school, saw some of my favorite bands live, met & befriended Bobby Raffin (!) attended the Lookbook.nu x GAP event at the Eaton Center in Toronto, traveled to Montreal & received my permanent residency for the US! I couldn't be happier to start the new year in IL with no strings attached to anything or anyone, continue studying photography & blogging in Chicago!

I know it is a lot to handle a job, school, the blog & my photography at the same time but I'm going to give it all I've got because it's been 5 years since I moved out of Chicago waiting to come back and working real hard towards achieving everything I have so far that will help me reach my goals in the city.

I want to thank everyone and anyone that takes the time to read my simple entries on this little blog as well as following my accounts on twitter, bloglovin, facebook.. It means a lot to me seeing that everything I wanted to share through the lens of my camera is being viewed.


Looking for something sweet to gift this xmas? I got two more recommendations! Two of my new favorite items from Bath & Body Works are a signature Holiday Tradition scent & a new Signature scent!

With one you loved so long ago
Now we don't even know his name 


Blue Christmas

Honestly, lets get over thanksgiving already & put holiday music on the record player, wear warm socks & knits too. Cuddle up warm next to the fire with the one you love, bake sugar cookies, kiss under the mistletoe, have a snow ball fight, drink hot cocoa, and don't forget xmas is comiiiiing.



and everyone hears every little sound

Sometimes I Can't Believe It 

(I'm Movin' Past The Feeling)

Endless Bloom.

Romwe Daisy Sweater / French Connection tailored shorts / Huit cut out bra / Topshop 120 den tights / Topshop cotton knee high socks / Burberry strappy ankle boots, $380 / Urban Oufitters Animal jewelry / Bobble hat, $120 / Marc Jacobs Daisy Roll on perfume

I'm still up for flowers in winter as long as it's warm & cozy! I have been dying to style this daisy sweater from Romwe since I first saw it. It's so cute and looks comfortable for staying in when it's cold outside.



Happy November ♥ 
I hope everyone has a lovely month, 
keeping warm, cozy & surrounded by people that you love.


If there's something I love, but even more in the fall is layering! While it's still cozy outside I enjoy layering lightly and topping everything off with a thin jacket in case the sun comes out and warms everything around. My favorite part of this outfit which is included daily is my vintage Swiss made watch that my mom handed down to me. I enjoy seeing it rotate and fade into stars as the evening sets the sun. It's also safe to say that this is my first shoot in Minneapolis since I moved back to the US ♥

Jacket - American Rag | Top - T.J. Maxx | Vintage watch - hand-me-down from mom
Boots - Dr. Martens | Denim shorts - F21 | Tights - Calvin Klein
Photos by Dad
Sorry this isn't fashion related but I am fighting a cold, and in between I drove up to Chicago with my older brother to visit our new addition in the family, Olivia!

Post related: I was trying out this app called "Magisto" with some random clips from my phone I took at the pet store, and at my cat's last visit to the vet. I added some music and wala. I don't know. I find it comical and hilarious yet remotely amazing! I might just make more and possibly link them to my outfits :) what do you guys think?

Early fall in sandals and a tunic since to enjoy the last warming rays of sunlight. I forgot about these photos Ago shot of me in the park! I hope it's not to late for the blog post but to be quite honest it is relatively "hot" for Fall ;p

Tunic from Target | Braided leather belt from Urban Outfitters | Oriental necklace from Topshop
Silver ring from American Eagle | Pinky ring is vintage | Headband from UO
Photos by Ago

I am lusting over shoes and pretty rings this fall.

mad dreams

Pink jumper
$95 - modekungen.se

Quiksilver shorts

Andy Warhol wall art

I'm so excited to finally being able to reunite with my friends and family! I will also be able to continue my studies hopefully in my dream city of Chicago. In good time tho, it's all a process and I will most likely be organizing everything for a while in the small town I grew up in MN.


Another batch of photos from the darkroom!

 The topic of my video montage is a relationship between two people and how they enjoy spending time together. The shooting was done on separate days and occasions planned to fit accordingly with cohesion of the story about spending an entire day together.  The settings include a record store, a restaurant, a park, on a streetcar, a photo booth, a bus, and the apartment where they end the day. All shots have been framed and recorded by myself with the use of a tripod. Color filters where used to manipulate certain shots to fit the mood and place. I chose the passing lights from the bus’s window shot to be black and white because it ties accordingly with the previous night shots instead of showing the overwhelming tones of fluorescent light. The still frames are the photos taken at the scene of the photo booth. The sound used in this video montage is a song by The Raveonettes, “Sad Transmission” and it is used throughout the entire video. I chose this song because the lyrics are affectionate, loving and it relates to the relationship between the main characters. The main characters I chose to be my boyfriend Agoston and me. The project successfully satisfied me with the goal of completing my final assignment for the course but it also gave me something to keep and share with him for all those times he has been my best friend and companion in Canada. Special thanks to ♥ LP'S LPS (lorenzpeter.blogspot.ca) & Chococrepe (facebook.com/choco.crepe.7)

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 Happy Valentine's Day, readers!


So I've been doing this  Photo Challenge: 8 Days Of Hearts from the blog of Free People for the last couple days and have been trying to keep it fashion oriented! The results so far aren't too bad. It's fun and makes me realize I can be creative some times. It ends on Valentine's Day and I'll post the full results.

'Till then, here's what I've got so far:

Some recommendations I have for Valentine's Day are as follows:

Eau de Parfum by Tokyo Milk

These little bottles have the softest, and simplest tones of fragrance I have come across in boutiques. 
I was lucky to get my own bottle of Honey & Moon 10 for my birthday last year & I highly recommend it! Available online and in Toronto boutiques: Love of Mine

Bath Bombs by Lush

Baths are fun and what could be better than your bath fizzing up and replenishing your skin with its natural ingredients?! These bath bombs make a real soothing & relaxing time in the tub! Available online and at stores.

Godiva Chocolates

One thing that I'm sure every girl enjoys in Valentine's day, whether someone is gifting her a box or she if treating herself, is good quality chocolate! I am never picky about my chocolate but I recently dug my teeth into these over the holidays and I completely forgot about any other boxes of chocolates I've had in my life.


Finally my most favorite gift that could honestly be gifted at any time of the year is the mixtape. What makes these so special is that you can always listen back to them and daydream the day away with memories <3