So I've been doing this  Photo Challenge: 8 Days Of Hearts from the blog of Free People for the last couple days and have been trying to keep it fashion oriented! The results so far aren't too bad. It's fun and makes me realize I can be creative some times. It ends on Valentine's Day and I'll post the full results.

'Till then, here's what I've got so far:

Some recommendations I have for Valentine's Day are as follows:

Eau de Parfum by Tokyo Milk

These little bottles have the softest, and simplest tones of fragrance I have come across in boutiques. 
I was lucky to get my own bottle of Honey & Moon 10 for my birthday last year & I highly recommend it! Available online and in Toronto boutiques: Love of Mine

Bath Bombs by Lush

Baths are fun and what could be better than your bath fizzing up and replenishing your skin with its natural ingredients?! These bath bombs make a real soothing & relaxing time in the tub! Available online and at stores.

Godiva Chocolates

One thing that I'm sure every girl enjoys in Valentine's day, whether someone is gifting her a box or she if treating herself, is good quality chocolate! I am never picky about my chocolate but I recently dug my teeth into these over the holidays and I completely forgot about any other boxes of chocolates I've had in my life.


Finally my most favorite gift that could honestly be gifted at any time of the year is the mixtape. What makes these so special is that you can always listen back to them and daydream the day away with memories <3