I took the advantage of updating my blog today since it is a major snow globe today in Toronto. Literally, it's still snowing right now as I type.  I was inspired to shoot a look with some of my favorite pieces including my new lipstick (MAC Matte in Diva) & ring from Topshop that I got for xmas! The dress I always wear. It's a vintage hand-me-down from my older sister, and my heart time piece locket from Urban Outfitters.

 I know I've been on a huge extreme hiatus but I have been working and studying so hard. I got a second job on campus which pretty much has me booked all week, and weekends I get my homework done and relax with Ago. Also, the weather is too cold but I shouldn't pile up excuses. Just hopefully I will have more time to blog and take photos.

My best friend in Dubai painted this wonderful piece for me based on one of my favorite songs from Bright Eyes and I took it with me when I moved to Toronto. He recently had an art show exhibiting a print of it and I was so happy when I saw he named it after me!

I have much love and respect for his art. 
You can drop him and his art pieces a visit on his website: