The topic of my video montage is a relationship between two people and how they enjoy spending time together. The shooting was done on separate days and occasions planned to fit accordingly with cohesion of the story about spending an entire day together.  The settings include a record store, a restaurant, a park, on a streetcar, a photo booth, a bus, and the apartment where they end the day. All shots have been framed and recorded by myself with the use of a tripod. Color filters where used to manipulate certain shots to fit the mood and place. I chose the passing lights from the bus’s window shot to be black and white because it ties accordingly with the previous night shots instead of showing the overwhelming tones of fluorescent light. The still frames are the photos taken at the scene of the photo booth. The sound used in this video montage is a song by The Raveonettes, “Sad Transmission” and it is used throughout the entire video. I chose this song because the lyrics are affectionate, loving and it relates to the relationship between the main characters. The main characters I chose to be my boyfriend Agoston and me. The project successfully satisfied me with the goal of completing my final assignment for the course but it also gave me something to keep and share with him for all those times he has been my best friend and companion in Canada. Special thanks to ♥ LP'S LPS ( & Chococrepe (