Beach Fossils - Daydream

Ago took me to a wonderful park that opened up to the lake Ontario which was full of swans, ducks and Canadian geese. It was such a lovely adventure since I moved out of the city and settled in the ore natural outskirts of the greater Toronto Area. It's quite more peaceful and I enjoy being able to spend every day with him until I go back to the midwest US this July!

We also took the advantage of shooting a look since I've been quite fond of this outfit I wore to see The Postal Service last week. I added on a scarf since it was chilly and even loved the look more as it added more color and pattern to it.

Crochet top - Urban Outfitters | Crochet shorts -Spoof! | Scarf, headbands - Urban Outfitters | Sandals -Gap | Jewelery -vintage & Topshop | Swanlake sunglasses - Free People

Photos taken by Ago 
Edited by me