I shot these photos yesterday indoors because it has been gloomy & rainy outside. In rare occasion the sun shines through the rain fall and emits this wonderful glow in my room. I look back at these self portraits & dwell on how life takes you by surprise with no warning. It's funny how at that exact moment in time I felt like I had everything & I still would fret the little things. It's amazing how I was capable of capturing the last images of my face before things took a different turn. I will always remember them fondly to never forget that one should live in the moment, something I wasn't the best at lately, and full fill the meaning of my life: to be happy.

I don't know. This was a very intimate shoot & probably won't see more like these in the future. I felt so open and comfortable basking in the room heat with my favorite open knit sweater, pajama shorts, knee high socks & slippers.

The other photos are a mini tour of my room (the same one I grew up in as a teenager!) I'm sad to say it will probably won't be my room any longer since my parents are putting the house up for sale after I move to Chicago to continue my studies in photography. I'm both happy and sad but change in inevitable.

Swetaer - Blanco | Necklace - Urban Outfitters
 Knee High Socks - Forever 21 | Totoro slippers - L&M (Toronto-Queen Street West)
Photos by me