But then night rolls around and it all starts making sense
There is no right way or wrong way, you just have to live
And so I do what I do, and at least I exist
What could mean more than this?

I just couldn't resist to name it after one of my most beloved songs from Bright Eyes when it came on the queue of my iTunes library. It cheers me up & just puts me in a good mood. I've been very excited and looking forward at my future this early spring in Chicago! Main goals are to get my degree, expand my portfolio and keep blogging. I sense big things are coming :)

This outfit took  a bit of thought to pull together. I love doing these type of shoots to break the ice from the casual everyday look and stuff that I usually wear. I most definitely would consider this to be a night outfit, especially if it's for New Years Eve! I wasn't sure about the vest but it adds such elegance (especially since it's faux fur) to the look. I felt rather fancy. 

Have a wonderful day beginning your week ♥

Vest - T.J. Maxx  |  Layered long sleeve top- Lux  Hair piece - Urban  Outfitters
Taupe Litas- Jeffrey Campbell  |  Skirt - Express  Tights & necklace - Topshop
Rings - American Eagle & vintage (sun and moon)
Photos by Dad