and everyone hears every little sound

I dressed up, and arranged the furniture downstairs to experiment and practice indoor shooting with my SB flash. It was all trial and error since I haven't used the flash in ages & forgot how to properly use it. I can't wait until I can add a small set of lighting equipment to my photography kit! 

I love the contrast of red against this couch! These tights match perfectly to any shade of grey or scheme of greys and cream tints. It adds a lot of fun into any boring outfit. I wasn't too sure about my lip color (MAC Diva) but it reminded me of when I first wore it because it's so dark yet it feels elegant. I'm probably going to have more casual looks from here onward because it's starting to get cold & I'm most likely going to be bundled up in a sweater 24/7.

Top - Urban Outfitters Shorts - Jennyfer
Necklace- Urban Outfitters  |  Shoes - Clarks  Belt - Topshop
Sweater - Hollister  Watch - vintage
Photos & Editing by me