Time flies. I can't believe the year is over again. Time to leave the bad things behind, keep the positive present, and meet new exciting places & people.

It's crazy to think that this time last year I was living in Canada not trying to figure out where I was going to study and live for the next fall semester. I had a lot of bumps along the way, especially after moving back to the states but I am glad I moved and everything changed for the best. While in Canada I got to continue my studies at OCAD U, met some amazing people at school, saw some of my favorite bands live, met & befriended Bobby Raffin (!) attended the Lookbook.nu x GAP event at the Eaton Center in Toronto, traveled to Montreal & received my permanent residency for the US! I couldn't be happier to start the new year in IL with no strings attached to anything or anyone, continue studying photography & blogging in Chicago!

I know it is a lot to handle a job, school, the blog & my photography at the same time but I'm going to give it all I've got because it's been 5 years since I moved out of Chicago waiting to come back and working real hard towards achieving everything I have so far that will help me reach my goals in the city.

I want to thank everyone and anyone that takes the time to read my simple entries on this little blog as well as following my accounts on twitter, bloglovin, facebook.. It means a lot to me seeing that everything I wanted to share through the lens of my camera is being viewed.