Looking for something sweet to gift this xmas? I got two more recommendations! Two of my new favorite items from Bath & Body Works are a signature Holiday Tradition scent & a new Signature scent!

Have you tried Bath & Body Work's new signature scent Velvet Sugar? It's a blend of velvet creme swirled with golden plum & sugared musk! It's on a very sweet note so if you have a sweet tooth for your scents this is for you!

My other favorite item for B&BW is their hand creams! I swear by them since the day I walked in to work with dry itchy hands and started using it while doing demos with the customers. It's leaves your hands with a non greasy silky finish. Best part and my favorite, this one smells like peppermint <3

 Merry Christmas everyone! 

I am currently apartment hunting in Chicago but I'll do my best to keep the blog updated :]