One of my older brothers is a veterinarian in Woodstock, IL which is nice because he helps animals everyday & volunteers at the Helping Paws Animal Shelter helping with small yet important surgical procedures like spaying / neutering. This shelter is a no-kill animal shelter for stray and abandoned dogs and cats in McHenry County and surrounding areas. The animals are provided a sanctuary where they receive medical care, spaying or neutering, daily care and love, and the opportunity to be adopted by a responsible owner. I was so lucky to have gone in with him last Tuesday & meet some cute kittens & puppies! Sad part of the story though was when I got light headed after trying to help sedate one of the kittens and sat on the floor for a while. Eh. I guess I'll leave the vet duty to my brother this time! I was real happy to help the kittens recover from surgery by holding them so they would keep warm :)
Photography & editing by me.
Thanks to the Helping Paws Animal Shelter for letting me hang out!