These are some of the Christmas goodies I was spoiled with by my secret santa, Harris(my little nephew ♥) & the gift from our White Elephant gift exchange!

Two of my favorite things in one simple thing I practically was needing. A cat pattern make up bag from Harrods that he picked out for me in London! Another little item I was needing for this year was my Moleskine daily planner and not only did I get one but it's from the Le Petit Prince collection!

Ah onwards with the food items! I had this delicious organic strawberry bear 2 years ago when my sister took me to London for the first time. It brought me back good memories! The box of macaroons are vanilla and I am debating when to eat them.

This last gift was from our White Elephant gift exchange. My brother in law was the one who got this and I am so happy I got it! I don't expect to travel much but I am excited to try these out anyways. Maybe when I move to Chicago in a couple of weeks I'll treat myself :) The Petits Pleasures bag from L'Occitane contains a Lavender Foaming Bath, Pivoine Flora shower Gel, Extra Gentle Milk soap, Almond shower oil, Shea Butter Hand Cream, Jasmin & Bergamote Body Lotion, & Immortelle Precious Cream.

Woah. Has it been ages or what since I updated my beloved blog. Reason being: Blogger and all our friends over at Google+ signed us all up without notice for the "auto enhance" option in their Picasa Web Albums. This lowered photo quality and slightly changed color. I did not want to post any more photo until I resolved this. After turning the Auto Enhance option off I still had a slight color change. This has never happened to me before with Blogger and after experiencing with other websites it was only Blogger that had a small glitch with making the reds more orange, and blues looked greener. My problem was fixed with simply saving my images on Photoshop under the "Save for Web" option and Optimizing the images :)

More posts soon! Hopefully daily as planned for this year :D