beanie - Urban Outfitters jeans - GAP  backpack - Topshop  jacket - Hollister
rings & watch - vintage  |  top & socks - H&M  boots - Dr Martens  |  scarf - gifted
Photos by Alysha Donlan
Editing by me

Yes, it's Spring. No, it doesn't feel quite like it yet! I was lucky I did not freeze while having my new friend and classmate, Alysha take these for me (thank you!) The reason I have not posted much outside is evidently due to the weather and I definitely jumped in too early still to shoot these! I'm real happy though. The results are amazing and it just makes me admire the work of my fellow bloggers that shoot outside all year round. I did not edit these as much because I liked the natural lighting they received in the afternoon and did not want to take away that ambiance. This is at one of the small streets in my neighborhood and hope to shoot more around because I have so much love for my neighborhood. It's a good mix and I feel safe while I'm strolling around for shopping or just wandering. As much fun as it was so shoot outside I might stick with indoors until it is fully warm! Seriously though, I feel like I have more flexibility to express the look I'm wearing and focus more on details.

PS: I can't wait to start wearing dresses again!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Enjoy my inspiring tune:


   Mac DeMarco | Cooking Up Something Good