I don't dress up every day. On lazier days...
(plus mini apartment tour!)

I just wear leggings and a sweater on my days off.

I felt like not doing anything today but I kind of did that yesterday and it drives me a little crazy to not utilize my days without doing anything productive. So, I decided to take photos of a lazier, casual day at home. I feel real comfortable to lounge in my leggings and a sweater. All leggings and sweaters are wonderful but this sweater from Pins & Needles that I picked up from Urban Outfitters is magical. It's so soft and has an interesting design. My leggings have been American Apparel for a while. The high wasted cotton jersey are my favorites but I wish they wouldn't fade during their washes so much! I am very careful when it comes to washing my clothes but they always fade. Oh well. Maybe it's time to move on.

PS I know some of you have asked me to do a video on how I style my hair. There's no secret there: my hair is naturally wavy, and I straighten my bangs with a round brush when I blow dry. I would love to do one though!

  sweater & shirt - Urban Outfitters leggings - American Apparel  rings - vintage
glasses - Paul Frank  
Photography by me

Metronomy - Boy Racers

Just in case you where curious about the name of this look: I was shooting this look and Metronomy came came up on the speakers. This song in particular fitted the look so well but I love the lyrics from their song "Monstrous." Also, I'm really into Metronomy and their upcoming tour. Hence my "swag" in my living room and kitchen. I like to covet posters from shows because I believe that's what the "service charge fees" and my tuition cost has to offer in return :p

Here's a mini tour of my apt. It's kind of messy so I didn't add too many takes or close ups!

 I brought some friends home, Daisies & Sunflowers. I hope they grow by the summer!

 The little corner space I call "the office" where I also do homework.

 I've been listening to my ipod quite a lot since my vinyl collection is rather small atm.
(I wish I had Bloom on vinyl!)