So college (being as stressful as it is already) has me in this class on Thursday afternoons where we learn how to self manage and freelance with our prospective career plans that has got me thinking that it may be harder than I thought it will be. At first I felt super excited because I felt like I was building a ground to prepare me for the real world after college and it did but it also served as a waking call.
I know some time you shouldn't work yourself too hard over something that means a whole lot to you because you might not be performing at your best while you're doing it and focusing too much on an unrealistic expectations and deadlines.

I have assigned a project where I have to "interview my mentor" which was really hard for me to even get the guts to ask for a specific person to help me out without sounding like a trick of competition since we both are in the same field! Lucky enough, there are still good people out there that are willing to help and trust humble intentions. I don't want to give too many details since it is my homework and I had a delightful time interviewing my mentor, a very well defined fashion blogger (if you're reading this you know who you are!)

After the interview, I got some insight of her small beginnings and journal entries from years ago that reminded me a lot of someone: me. I believe that everything starts at some point, small and blooms into your wildest dreams if you persevere. I'm going to start adding laid back posts that include small snippets from my life and my passions. As an independent non profit blogger I want to be able to have this space to myself for as long as I can before it's all only about brands, and clothes and ads. I want to love this state I'm in which I believe will flourish soon enough when the time is right!