A few spring essentials I like to keep in my bag.
How about we start with the cutest of them all? I never liked the PocketBac holder from Bath & Body Works but this one is SO cute I  couldn't resist! Luckily I was able to grab one of the few scents left over from their Sweet Shop collection as well (Strawberry Shortcake) Go snatch this holder quick before it's gone since once they sell out they are gone for good and crazy moms sell them on ebay for a fortune.

The lip treatment continues! It's always nice to have soft lips all year round but even with winter gone the dryness in the atmosphere still lives on in the Midwest. I like to transition to something lighter and not as thick as most lip balms I use in the winter. The Burt's Bees Ultra Moisturizing Lip Treatment with Kokum Butter has been the best thing for me since I had to get it last summer in Toronto after I had forgotten my own at home. You can generously apply it to your lips once a day but I like to only dab a bit a couple times during the day. It smells so good I just like to repeat that application throughout my day. You can also get it as a lip balm stick. I got mine at Target!
The mirror is a cute little add on that reminds me of my friend Mohammed who gifted this to me while we both went to college together in Dubai almost 3 years ago (Wow, I sure do hope he comes visits soon!) because Dubai is on my top 3 places I can't afford to visit again. I was so lucky to have spent time there!

Oh, Lola! roll on perfume. I was so lucky to get my very first roll on by Marc Jacobs at an affordable price at T.J Maxx last summer. I never thought I'd use it (they are just so darn cute for just plain possession purposes) but the other day I ran out without putting any perfume on and if you're like me you feel completely naked without a fragrance on. Tada, thus comes the roll on in handy. Plus it smells like spring so win win win.

My iPhone case. I have such a thing for silicone cases because they prevent me from dropping my phone 99.99% of the time. This theory was proven when I removed the silicone case off my Blackberry and it became history after that. I was REAL lucky to find this iconic rose case in a color I love at Charlotte Russe for only $2.00! I was walking on State st randomly looking for a case and bumped into their huge sale 1 month ago. I was smitten. Still am.

What? Tissues? Are you serious? YES. No one likes to stare at your runny nose whether it's allergies or in my case temperature change from chilly outdoors to warm indoors. The Klenex "slim packs" are my favorite for many reasons. 1.) The designs on them are always fun! 2.) They fit perfectly anywhere without making it bulky in your pocket. 3.) They come out nicely when you pull one out. So make a note to yourselves: SNOT cute to wipe your runny nose on your sleeve or the back of your hand ;D

Here's a tune to lighten up your spring!

I love French pop so much it's insane.

Brigitte Bardot - Ca Pourrait Changer