Welcome to my photo journal. I'm a full-time photographer based in Chicago + part-time dreamer. Full on audiophile in love with music, love for fashion and art.

The match of the century, absence versus thin air

Because this isn't Paris
And this isn't London
And it's not Berlin
And it's not Hong Kong
Not Tokyo
If you want to go...


Have a fun and "safe" weekend everyone! These are some of my personal favorite songs to get my smooch on ;D

On a more professional note, I used my all time favorite photograph (hands down) by Elliot Erwitt. USA, California, 1955 - Image of a side-view mirror of an automobile parked facing a beach sunset, with a playful couple shown in the mirror as the focal point.


Just a girl in her room, reading books and enjoying a day off 
with the windows open letting the cool air bring in life.

I was so thrilled to be invited and be part of the launch of Nusrat Siddiqui's jewelry collection this weekend.
So it happens to be my first official fashion event to attend in Chicago!

Just a small little something to brighten up the mood this rainy week in Chicago.
 Looking forward to all the flowers to bloom and the trees to come back to life!