Thursday night I attended my 2nd Party
& this time guess who I finally had the great pleasure to meet!


Rachel-Marie from Jaglever!
I don't know if you guys noticed but I bring her up a lot on my blog
when I feel inspired to shop for certain pieces or style an outfit.

Don't let my wedges fool you, they added like a foot to my height!
I really wish I had a pair of those lovely boots Rachel styled tho <3

Yuri! I could not believe my eyes when I saw her, I even had to ask Rachel if that was her :p
Such a pleasure to have been able to speak with her!

Jessie from Mini Penny ! It was super rad to have met met her too!

Look at them. They are my favorite :)

Thank you Rachel for keeping it real, being genuinely awesome and honest with everything you do!
You have been a great inspiration (and motivation to get my wardrobe together these past 4 years lol) & I hope you realize the positive and amazing impact you're making on so many of your fans :)

I want thank so many people for putting together this event and making me part of it! Jason Branson, for hosting it at his beautiful flagship store, Yuri Lee and the Lookbook team, Sunny, the people that catered food and let me have all the corn bread, Brandon Farrington (also for being such a good pal since my move to Chicago) for helping me out with all the photo advice I ask him for :p


Photography by me, Camila Cediel
Photos of  Rachel & myself by Brandon Farrington

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