Last night was my highly anticipated date to see Metronomy live for the first time. I could not bear the excitement knowing them since 2008 as my last high school year was nearing its end and I would blast their album Nights Out at 6am in the morning while getting ready for school.

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Highly anticipating the show through my wall decal.

and the night finally arrived!

They inspired some of my styled outfits and it is so often I find myself listening to something on the bus or when I'm just lounging at home that starts the creative flow towards these outfits!

The Bay

Hold On Tight To Everything You Love

Also, Oscar and Joseph joined me for a photo after their show. I couldn't believe it. Look at them. Oscar is even saving my hat from the wind.

It was such a pleasure to talk to these guys and to know how kind hearted and down to earth they are.

Check the guys out at

Here's some seagulls to kick off a good start to summer!