Oh thunder in my heart...

Wearing a light scarf to avoid any unwanted sun burn and still feel fresh! I have loved this scarf so much since I got it years ago in Chicago. I can't believe I still have it but then again it's believable! I love how this outfit has the basics I used to wear in the summer when I first lived here: black shorts and my American Apparel body suit. Yep. It's the same one. The shorts are new and a great find at Tj Maxx as always!

"Hanging High"
Lykke Li
Youth Novels

Off to Minnesota!


shorts - TJ Maxx top/body - American Apparel  shoes - GAP  necklace - F21
sunglasses + jewelry - Topshop  scarf - Urban Outfitters  bag - vintage
Photography & editing by me, Camila Cediel

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