I made it to the Illinois Lottery Anything's Possible Music Series to see Fall Out Boy!

The Illinois Lottery invited me and a guest, Alysha one of my friends that helps me photographs outfits on the the blog! We hit a few bumps on the way trying to get to the venue but we made it! 

It would have been ideal to have gotten a photo pass to bring my camera in. Even for only 5 minutes. Being a photographer and not being able to take actual photographs with your camera can be quite sad but I got some shots using my phone. Still. I really don't like relying on my phone as my 1st choice of camera.

 We had a good view from the Illinois Lottery deck & there was a bar steps away so throughout the whole show we were happy campers. The event was full of energy and it was so moving to see how many people the band has reached!

I still have a mad crush on Patrick :O

I had a real fun time seeing Fall Out Boy I'm not going to lie. Every time they played a song from "Take This To Your Grave" or "From Under The Cork Tree" it brought back a lot of memories! I used to love them so much in junior high and high school. I am so happy to see that the band is still together with all original band members.

Next I'm off to the Pitchfork music festival!


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