This is what I wore the first day at the Pitchfork Music Festival!

I absolutely love this hat I thrifted last time I visited home in Minnesota. The boots my mom gifted to me and I am so happy with them because they look exactly like the Courtney style boots at The Frye Company but cost way less! I really wanted a pair of the Courtney but I am thankful to have a more affordable option :) Isn't the skirt cute? They are shorts that wrap up front like a skirt and it was a steal of a deal at Topshop's sale for only $15!

Onwards to a few festival photos!

I listened to Sun Kil Moon from afar
...he was really good just kind of sad and downer music for a summer festival in my opinion!

I was really only looking forward to Beck and boy was it beyond awesome. 
It was wiiiiiiiicked


skirt + jacket - Topshop shoes - Steve Madden  necklace + top - Urban Outfitters
Raybans - Crossroads Trading hat - thrifted  tights - H&M  suspenders - thrifted
Photography by Tyler Borresh
Photography of bands by me

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