But me, I'm just the covers on top of your bed..

This is the outfit I wore to the Fall Out Boy concert!

I was real unsure as to what I would wear to this Fall Out Boy concert but it is always easy to pick something out you feel comfortable in. I chose the color scheme from FOB's current campaign and added my favorite boots. It was simple yet exciting to try a new punk look. I used to dress to this similar style back in high school but lets rest assured this looks a million times better! Another highlight in this outfit is the deer necklace. I thought it would fit properly since the last album I heard from FOB is "From Under the Cork Tree" and they had a whole deer theme going on with that. Also, it is a piece I got from Topman for only $3 back when I worked at Topshop in Dubai (steal!)


top/body - American Apparel  shoes - Dr Martens  necklace - Topman
tights, skirt, and hat - Urban Outfitters  bralette - VS Pink  makeup - MAC
Photography by Alysha Donlan

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