tides come and go like a picture...

Can we all just agree on the unpredictable Chicago weather? In this shoot I was prepared for a rainfall and look at how sunny the day turned out. Didn't even get a chance to show off my cat print umbrella that I thrifted at the Salvation Army a couple days ago :(

All in all, I layered this outfit in case it got too hot I had a fresh tank underneath. Some of my favorite things to wear for rainy weather are my Docs and plaid/tartan shirts.

Yes, why that IS a blemish on my face. To show that I don't photoshop the beejezus out of the photos on my blog and that I too struggle with the occasional break out. I'll post soon some products I have been using that benefit the type of skin I have!


Ray Bans - Crossroads Trading shirt - H&Mshorts - Urban Outfitters
boots- Dr Martens rings + watch - vintage bag - Topshop

Photography by Mike Hammond
 Editing by me, Camila Cediel

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