Styling even when I'm going to class!

 First, how cute is my backpack? I love the polka dots and leather detail on the zippers. It's real comfortable and easy to style with your outfits even though I thought the pattern and colors would clash with whatever I was wearing. So far it has complimented my outfits well!

I love these shots caught between class and work on campus because they show a realistic outfit scenario during my week. I still love to dress up even if I'm just going to class. My day is impacted by how confident and comfortable I feel with my outfits. I always try to stay warm and wear comfortable shoes like my boots. Sneakers in the fall/winter just don't keep my feet warm enough!

A couple essentials I always bring with me are my lunchbox, and coffee mug. I think that these things should always be a neutral or earthy color so they don't distract any other aesthetics you have in your outfit!


Herschel backpack - Urban Outfitters dress - Blancoslip - Topshop
boots- Topshop rlunchbox - Toto scarf - H&M

Photography by Mike Hammond
 Editing by me, Camila Cediel

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