I've been patiently waiting to style this dress for the Spring and I found it would match perfectly at the Art Institute here in Chicago. It's a beautiful dress from eShakti that I got to have custom made to fit properly. I always run into problems with dresses when certain parts of it fit oddly larger or smaller than other portion of the design and being able to custom make this dress fit was a dream! Since it felt like a handmade piece of art I wanted to wear it among other pieces of art. I wore my Jeffrey Campbell Grayson boots which felt like a perfect match since someone mentioned how Modrian-esque they looked when I visited New York.

I named this look after Jean-Luc Godard's film just because it seemed appropriate with what I did shooting inside the galleries with everyone awkwardly staring like we were outsiders. At least we weren't running through the place :p


  custom tailored dress - eShakti // heels - Jeffrey Campbell
 bag  // Longchamp // watch - vintage // tights & necklace - Forever 21

Photos of me by Mike Hammond
 Edting by me, Camila Cediel

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