hanging out with the trees...

Running around the cold and dry remains of the lush little Lincoln Park. The weather was perfect to throw on a light fall jacket and pair up one of my favorite jumpers from Topshop with tights. If there's something I miss during winter it is being able to wear my little ankle boots I got last summer. It gives them a good break though ha.

College started again and I find it harder to keep these posts coming BUT as you all know there isn't much production going behind here. I love the laid back shoots I get to take on with my friends and leave the more serious work for college :p

I'm so happy I was able to spend some time in the woods before the snow storm hit Chicago. I am excited though to plan for shoots in the snow!


  jumper dress - Topshop // boots - Steve Madden // shorts - thrifted
coat- H&M // bow - Forever 21 // necklace - Urban Outfitters 

Photography by Mike Hammond
 Editing by me, Camila Cediel

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