taking a stroll...

Took a stroll in Pilsen back when the snow hadn't hit the ground yet. Pilsen is a very cultured neighborhood in Chicago that has always revolved around art and different cultures from Europe and Central America. One of my favorite vintage shops is located here as well as my beloved Cafe Jumping Bean (their Mexican Mocha is my favorite drink during the winter).

The weather was bearable back then and I truly do miss being able to take my coat off during shoots. Oh well. This too shall pass.

It was real funny when some of my friends told me "Must feel like home being in your 'hood" but sadly Mexico and Colombia are two different countries, and they don't even touch each other.



  sweater - Club Monaco // boots - Steve Madden // skirt - Akira
 coat- old // backpack- Topshop // beanie - Urban Outfitters 

Photos of me by Mike Hammond
 Edting by me, Camila Cediel

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