I'll take my time
you'll take your time..

Here are some photos I shot that day with my friends Mike ad Lydie!

Chicago was full blown with the warmest Spring weather a couple weeks ago and I had a fun exciting adventure with friends shooting photos. I was able to shoot for the blog, a project and just for fun! I really could use more days like these. They make me feel so alive and excited about working with photography.

I wore a couple of favorite items I stocked up during the winter to wear in the Spring and I was so pleased with these ciclyng shorts from Forever 21 that helped me keep sane from wearing my skater dress that shrunk a bit in the wash!


  jacket, socks, dress - Forever 21 // boots - Dr Martens 
 sunglasses- Ray Bans via Crossroads Trading // beanie - Urban Outfitters 

Photos of me by Mike Hammond
 Edting by me, Camila Cediel

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