We share a heart, we share the stars...

Since it's getting brighter these first months of Spring I have started wearing sunglasses again! These big round baroque sunglasses are Prada inspired and super affordable too at Wholesale Celebshades! They go great with almost any outfit and they provide great coverage.

This Wildfox sweater was such a steal while thrifting on Depop. I always wanted a Wildfox sweater and when I saw that my favorite one was being sold I knew I had to get it. After selling so much of my stuff on Vinted I invested on it. Vinted and Depop are two great apps to thrift online. 


  Baroque Big Rounds - Wholesale Celebshades // sweater - Wildfox

  tights- H&M // rings - Urban Outfitters // disco shorts - American Apparel

Photography & Editing by me, Camila Cediel

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