So as you all know (or probably not!):
I am a photographer, an actual shooter with a degree,
the know how knowledge, and a assistant to other photographers.

These are a few of my essential pieces!

It's a very crucial position as a photographer's assistant and not just anyone can do it. I  had the chance this summer to intern with a reputable photographer from Chicago and during some of her bigger shoots I get to see the pros at work. I have learned to stay as comfortable as possible, well dresses and handy. These are some of my essentials when I'm on set helping make some shoots happen! I picked some of my favorite brands to share with you guys!

The Beanie

Trust me, your hair will get messy and you will have to step outside multiple times whether it's to grab more equipment from the van or do a coffee run. A beanie helps keep your hair in place and also cozy. You also want to be prepared for any kind of weather whether the shoot is outside or inside a space where they like to keep it Antarctica cold. Brr.


The Watch

The It's very useful to have a watch handy to keep track of the schedule on the photographer's call sheet. You can really score bonus points by being able to spot time before everyone else had the time to locate their phones. It also makes you look prim and polished. I prefer my metal wear to be silver but I added some gold options as well!

The Hoodie

The hoodie dress I pictured at the beginning of this post is from American Apparel. They are super comfy and perfect from when you need to squat and not have to worry about anything showing from your lower back. It is my favorite hoodie and I basically live in it. I made some alternative choices since my dream hoodie is always selling out!


The Shoe

It's crucial to have a VERY comfortable and clean sneaker. As with everything, I stick with jet black. You're representing the photographer as part of their crew and it's always good to make a good impression. I advice to get slip on's since you might be needing to take them off & on during the light tests when you need to step onto the paper seamless. I wear Vans.


The Denim

Piggy back riding my advice on the sweatshirt, never under estimate anything long and high when it comes to doing a job where you will need to squat. My favorite jeans are the commuters by Levi's. They are stain proof and chances are you will be getting dirty during the day.