faux fur and real eyeglasses

I'm so happy to have finally been able to receive my new frames from Tijn. i was worried these glasses would not fit me properly and was shy to wear them out especially to work. to my surprise they have turned a lot of heads and a lot of the girls I work with already got themselves a pair in different colors. I get a lot of compliments on them for sure and what's even better is that they help me see too!

I love love this parka from J Crew that I have been lusting over every fall/winter season. I finally was able to get my own thanks to a recent partnership. I couldn't decide if grey or black and the only downside of the black is that the fur from the hood and my cat become clearly visible. The grey one would have been a safer choice but you know I'm all about black. 

And finally, the boots. My perfect pair of leather boots that I will miss once the show hits the ground. They are from Frye and they fit me like a glove. I was worried the snug fit of a half size bigger might have been better off as a full size up but they were so easy to break in I know can walk blocks in them.

Henk Eyeglasses - TIJN Eyewear //  Parka - J Crew // boots - Frye // bolo tie chcoker - Zaful
beanie - Carhartt // t-shirt dress - Forever 21 // over the knee high socks - old

Photos taken by Ami Klinker

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