Welcome to my photo journal. I'm a full-time photographer based in Chicago + part-time dreamer. Full on audiophile in love with music, love for fashion and art.

Seasons change
You know it'll never be the same
We'll see the sun again
Before it fades

I got this feeling when you're not around
Like a freight train runnin' through town

I'm always lost in thought
As I walk a block to my favourite neon sign

 I've come to realize it doesn't matter what you wear. I'm not a fashion blogger anymore. Somethings changed in me since the exorcism. I'm done searching for meaning in the aesthetic cycles of commodities.

Like a fool on fire
To the water so blue
I will come undone
And I will run to you

And then she says "lets go home"

Would you understand?
That I'm just havin fun

I don't believe in sanctity or hypocrisy.

 I knew this would be on the cards
I knew you wouldn't fold
I saw this coming from the start
The shake, rattle and roll.

I just wanna hear you say you got me baby

Won't you come outside?
Won't you please be mine, love
Won't you come outside?

It would be somethin'

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