Rococo & I flew to Minnesota. Yes, Rococo flew...

In her little backpack carrier!! 
We turned a lot of heads at the airport but she was such a well behaved lady when we had to board. 
I am so proud of her for being so cool.

 My brother


my twin cousins

And we celebrated my little nephew's birthday by going to play paintball. Let me tell you that both my nephews kicked my butt and that game. At the end of the day we had lunch in Minneapolis and ate cake at home while he opened his presents. I gave him my Pokemon roller stamp set from when I was his age and a fox stuffed animal. I also got a fox so we share them for when he flies back home to England. I'm going to miss them so much. Especially my sister, isn't she a doll?

I look like such a d00fus but if you must know I'm sporting my oversized Calvin denim and a band tee.

I hope everyone had a fun Christmas! Now that we have a new year upon us I plan a fun giveaway I missed last year so if you entered don't worry, I know who you are and your name is in the hat for those sunglasses!!

Thank you for all the help and support in 2016! *muah*

Rococo's backpack carrier was bought through Amazon
I highly recommend this carrier if you have a small cat if you're ever traveling!