I knew this would be on the cards
I knew you wouldn't fold
I saw this coming from the start
The shake, rattle and roll.

It was real refreshing to shoot with Viviana again. She's an old classmate from college and I really enjoyed how pumped we where about the photography and lighting opportunities that the sunny cloudy day gave us. We really nerded out on this one which is probably why absolutely loved the end results.

In case you're wondering, I've been working non stop in retail and assisting with photography on the side. I'm pushing myself to keep shooting for my beloved blog and I'm thankful for friends like Viviana that find the time and determination to go out and create something worthwhile. I'm really inspired so start shooting more of my own stuff as well. It's such a hard profession when you live paycheck by paycheck and fit in your passion on your only days off. I also moved apartments & love my new neighborhood and the neighboring ones as well! I will do a tour once I get everything organized! <3

Crop top - Urban Outfitters  // Lace Body & skorts - TopShop // Green Totoro keychain - Chinatown
Bag - Coach // Double buckle necklace - Forever 21 // Lapel Pins - Weird Empire and Stay Home Club

Photos taken by Viviana Calderon

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