Would you understand?
That I'm just havin fun

This is a real laid back outfit. It's something that I would typically wear on a day off during the summer. I love bringing a warm shirt or sweatshirt out with me so I don't get cold when I'm going inside shops. I don't know if you've ever tried on a pair of Birkenstocks but if you have you can agree they are stiff as a board but when you break them in they are the most comfortable shoe in da world. I am flat footed and these are a dream to walk in.

I listen to a lot of groovy rock music like Animal Collective and Wavves to pass the time on the bus or while I'm walking around. Those bands always bring out real good vibes into my day.

Have a listen 🙃

Sonic Youth band tee - old  // Arizona sandals - Birkenstock
shorts - vintage Levis // sunglasses - Topshop // choker - Topshop // vibes - good

Photos taken by Viviana Calderon

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