Like a fool on fire
To the water so blue
I will come undone
And I will run to you

First off, the new Wolf Parade album is ON FIRE. I named my look after one of my favorite songs off their new record Cry Cry Cry. It's safe to say they are one of my top 3 favorite bands. I even wrote to Sub Pop once asking them to pass on a love note asking them to get back together and come to Chicago. I will be seeing them in a couple few days and will be bringing them a cake & maybe throw some confetti during the climax of my favorite songs. Why I find them so unique and comforting? I rely on music a lot to overcome my feelings or celebrate a time in my life and they have always been that band I'm never afraid to listen to because they would remind me of something I lost. I feel like their lyrics are very versatile fitting for any occasion but specially if you feel like having a small dance party in your living room. Before this starts sounding like a Pitchfork review I would like to also recognize their insane ability to bridge songs together into perfect transitions. Just sayin' Give them a listen if you haven't already <3

black neon wedges- old  // short talls & socks - Forever 21
hat - Brixton // denim shirt - American Apparel // choker - Topshop // wedges - H&M

Photos taken by Viviana Calderon

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