They call it a Royale with cheese

Sorry I have been gone for hot second. I currently started working 2 jobs and I'm busy 7 days a week. These I got to shoot around my neighborhood on one of my last days off before things got busy. It's a laid back look with a super comfy graphic tshirt from Urban Outfitters. I usually wear this ensemble in the summer with my very reliable Birkenstocks and Raybans.

I walked around with Chris to our favorite restaurant nearby and called it a day. Did I mention how much I love Pulp Fiction? Most Tarentino films to be honest. I love the cinematography and dialogues so much. Fun fact: Kill Bill 1 & 2 inspired me to pick up martial arts :)


Pulp Fiction t-shirt  - Urban Outfitters // destroyed denim shorts - Topshops
belt - Asos // Sandals - Birkenstock // sunglasses - Raybans // bag - Coach

Photos taken by Chris Is Paper

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