Spent the week on the happiest place on earth

Animal Kingdom! Look at all the cute things we saw there.

Epcot - Japan was our favorite!

Hollywood Studios was so much fun. I braved myself to ride Tower of Terror even though I was crying and closed my eyes during the whole thing I had so much fun!

The most magical part was having Chris in my life to share all these fun experiences with. We had dinner at the Lady & the Tramp's restaurant Tony's. I died when the waitress was giving us our menus and said "For the lady and one for the tra-- Sir"

I've ALWAYS wanted to see Disney World for as long as I can remember. My older siblings told me we went once but I was only 1 years old! I did not recall this memory at all and was so sad my parents took me when I had no way of remembering or enjoying the trip like my brothers & sister did. When we moved to America I was 10 and was excited with the idea that Disney would be in my backyard. Years and decades went by and I still didn't get a chance to go until now! What a way to start the New Year, am I right? I'm so thankful for my boyfriend Chris for making this life long dream come true. I hope everyone is having a magical day wherever they are!


I wore so many beautiful things. A lot of them where thrifted from Poshmark.