Some exciting news I was featured on Dress Like Me with a very thoughtful article. It was pretty spot on on a lot of things and it made me tear up reading about me from someone else's perspective noticing that someone took the time to get to know me through my work and writing about it. 

Here is a link to it! :)

Dress Like Me Article!

On the blog today:
Believe it or not that this is my first trip to the Field Museum after living in the city for 7 years! The best way for me to justify the fact that I'm not lazy about getting around doing things for this one is that I was pretty bummed to hear that Sue (the T rex) was moved away for a while and it just came back! I was so happy to finally meet her bones.


sweater  H&M // jeans Hollister co
belt Topshop // boots Dr. Martens // eyeglassesTjin 

Photos taken by Chris Is Paper

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