In the light of everything I'm still ok

Hi! It's been a while. Ever since 2020 began I began to slowly pull myself away from social media. I didn't post anything on my blog, Instagram, Facebook(that has been out of my life for a decade now), never used TikTok, and didn't really open Twitter unless I had a funny meme to share. Anyways, I stopped posting primarily on Instagram because it made no sense to me anymore. I always tried to put 100% on everything I did and it kept getting overseen. I'm not here to complain about some algorithm or influencer surplus taking up all the digital space unfairly because lets be honest that a lot of accounts there are either bots or app bought bots. Everything felt real fake and instead of enjoying photography or simple every day life it was always an AD shoved in my face post after post on some product people didn't genuinely stand by. 

Then the pandemic began. Ever since the end of March my life changed drastically. Chris and I stopped eating from restaurants to be safe. I was diagnosed with Lupus 3 years ago and asides from the fact that it was very sad because it runs in my family and it has affected one of my siblings much harder than my diagnose has. I was extremely scared of how my body would take the virus because I knew how bad a cold or flu treats my body. Believe it or no we've only eating factory packaged foods, wearing our masks religiously and wiping anything down that comes back into our apartment. It sucks. We are getting pretty sick of it but we keep telling ourselves that if we've managed to do this for this long we can wait until a vaccine has surfaced. Personally I could have taken this much worse but as I mentioned we did indeed move together in April and Chris's company has helped a lot with the self isolation from being outside. Work slowed down for me at the photo studio but it picked up again. We had one very restricted beach day on the sidelines of Montrose Beach and drove to see my mother on her bday in MN. Nowadays I'm out for either work, Target or grocery shopping. 

On special occasions that we refuse to miss for the current season we go apple picking. 


sweater  thrifted // shorts Cooperative // boots Dr.Martens

Photos taken by Chris Is Paper

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