Welcome to my photo journal. I'm a full-time photographer based in Chicago + part-time dreamer. Full on audiophile in love with music, love for fashion and art.

Dropped everything to drive out to pick apples. Black raspberries where in season too & we made a triple berry crumble top pie! We picked out the tiniest apple and pumpkin for Rococo, and I brought home a pastel green gourd that I very oddly bonded with thinking it was a pumpkin. I did not stop saying "gourd" that day....


Our first Valentine's Day all to ourselves at home. We usually go out for drinks and dinner but since this year has been difficult we chose to stay home and make it our own! I fully decorated, Chris cooked and Rococo brought the head pumps ♥︎


In the light of everything I'm still ok

comfy look at the craft fair!

I dye my hair a darker shade of brown (not really it's just Lana lyrics)